How to apply templates in Static FBML Tabs

01 - Choose Facebook template 

First of all you need choose facebook template what suitable for you. On imthy themes

02 - Facebook template modification

The main idea of STEP2 is modificate downloaded template and get facebook page what you need. Its mean in the end of this step you will get ready visual style on .psd format and ready coded .txt file.

On the right picture we demonstrate just the main elements what you can modificate. Sure every template is unique and need understand that you can make any modification what you need.

01. Modification visual style

We recommend you open .psd file in photoshop from (you can download and use this program as free nearly 30 days like trial version) and make visual style to you facebook page. Just make main changes what we offered on list below and you will get visual style what you need.

You can make some changes like:

1) Logo modification

2) Menu modification

3) Text modification

4) Images modification

5) Icons modification

6) Background modification

7) Footer modification

02. Images modification

On downloaded .zip file from our site you find folder 'images'. There we save all images what we use for your template. Sure after your modification visual style on .psd file you need save or resave some graphical ellemnts to the 'images' folder.

03. Upload images to your server

The next what you need to do its just move images from ‘images’ folder to your server. If you don’t have your own server then you can buy it. If you like use free hosting we recommend read tutorial Free Hosting for Facebook Page Files.

04. Code modification

Just open .txt file what you get in downloaded .zip file and make next changes:
1. Change ways for every images from 'images' folder
2. Change text info what you need.
3. Change any other code what you need.

03 - Paste code to Facebook Page

Copy paste code to your facebook page
On the last step you need Copy code from .txt file and Paste it to the facebook page.

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