How To Use Your TK Domain on Blogger - CNAME & A Records Forwading

Most of us having a blog in blogger. But only few of us are having custom domain name instead of blogger sub domain (

And also you might be aware offers domain name with .tk extension for free.

I have seen many blogs assigned with .tk address. But the problem with this is, for every page in the blog shows the same URL as This happens because of mistakes in DNS Records forward configuration done by you.

Here I’m going to show you how to make incorrect DNS Records forward to your blog.

Step 01: Setup Dot TK

» Go to domain service page and create a New account for free.

» Go to My Domain > Modify a Domain > Modify

» Select Use Dot TK free DNS Service in dropdown menu > Configure

» Fill the table form with below DNS Records (See the Image)

For A Records

For CNAME Records

Step 02: Setup Blogger

» Login to your Blogger account.

» Go to Settings > Publishing > Switch to Custom Domain

» Click Switch to Advanced Settings and Enter your TK domain name > Save Settings.

Note: Modified TK DNS Settings will be effective within 30 minutes from submitting the changes