Leaked Windows 8 Milestone 3 - Download

A new leak of Windows 8 M3 (milestone 3) x64 is out there with the full build string of 6.2.7989.0. amd64fre.winmain.110421-1825, which shows that its leaked from winmain branch and compiled in April, 2011.

Leaked Windows 8 M3 Features:
  • Improved UI
  • New boot screen
  • New Language Switcher interface on Taskbar
  • New interface to enable or disable Windows functions
  • New Aero in Metro-style
  • New History Vault interface
  • New wallpaper

You can download torrent file of Leaked Windows 8 Milestone here, and try at own risk.
It is expected that Windows 8 beta will get release in September 2011, so far check out the official Windows 8 demo

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