Top 15 Latest Facebook Tips & Tricks

We’ve pulled together 15 Latest Facebook tips and tricks for make use of Facebook. If you have interesting tips/tricks related to Facebook, please feel free to share in the comment box below.

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Watch your life in Facebook as a Book or a virtual Museum

Two new popular applications are there in Facebook.
The first is The museum of me by intel that creates a virtual museum where you see your status updates, friends, photos.. all in a virtual guided tour. your museum, your life on Facebook.

The second is a Facebook application - Social Memories allows users to create a virtual book to browse, this one with everything concerning your Facebook profile.

Two applications definitely worth trying. Have fun!

Create slideshows to Facebook

Magix Slideshow Maker is a really nice program. The software imports your photos from Facebook, you make ​​the slideshow by choosing from hundreds of effects, transitions, music and sound, and then publish your video on Facebook (or on YouTube or Flickr).
Try it now. Download the software from here . (Below is a video presentation of the program)

Customize your profile photo with a badge

All you need to do is go to the pichacker site and click "Start now". You can choose to upload from your computer or selected from those already loaded on your album on Facebook. At this point you can crop the photo, rotate it or flip it over, and the next step you can insert the badge that you like. The site houses a gallery full of badges, divided into many categories from animals, music, movies to the zodiac signs for example.

Add text next to “like” and “comment”

Magic Updates is an application that allows you to add a sentence (action) next to the custom keys "like" and "comments" on your status updates.
All you need to do is add the application from here, to publish on your wall, and write in the box "Update your status or the phrase you want to publish on your wall, in the box". Action button: "Your status has been updated with your custom action button. View your profile to see it in action.”

Convert a Facebook profile to a page

Facebook has finally launched one of the functions that has much requested by users: the ability to convert a profile account into a business Page thus making friends turn into Likes.
Facebook has in fact made ​​available the ability to convert user’s personal pages to professional Pages, with the new profile-page Migration Tool. So this is the answer all the hundreds of pages that were created to incentives others to transfer the "friends" to potential "fan" without having to start the new page with a small number of "Likes.”
Many friends are currently being transferred to the new page’s Friends (converted to Likes) and the images in the profile remains the same. The contents of the profile will not be transferred, Facebook has not yet made ​​its announcement but could later provide the choice of which content a user could choose to transfer to the new public page. If you were are planning to convert your profile page, then you should wait, make a backup of your profile so be sure not to miss any information.
To migrate a profile (do not convert a profile for fun or for testing, there is no turning back once the procedures started)

Turn off the sound of new messages on Facebook chat

If the sound bothers you when you receive a new chat message, you do not need to turn off the volume on your computer, simply turn off the sound from the chat settings, so you can eliminate the sound of new messages and leave everything else active. (eg if you were viewing a video on YouTube or listening to music, you will not be disturbed).
The Options menu enables you to enable / disable the sound for new messages, simple selection as seen from the image.

Create a map of your Facebook friends

Would you like to create a map of your friends? See where your friends are scattered around the world? Today, thanks to a service that combines the power of Google and Facebook this is possible and very easy!
Just go to the site Where my friends be? and click on "Make your social map now" to allow access to the application and within moments you’ll have see a Google Map with all your Facebook friends. A nice idea.

Receive Facebook notifications on your desktop

Tired of repeatedly going to Facebook to see if there are any new notifications?
What to do? FacebookDesktop! With this little software you’ll receive the notifications in a truly comfortable and non-invasive way.
The application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux , free and integrates with the taskbar of your operating system. Try it now!

Create a video with your pictures on Facebook

Videos Pixable is an online application that allows you to easily create video clips using your pictures uploaded to Facebook.
Just connect through Facebook (do not need any further settings), select the photos you want in the video (maximum of 50 images), video settings and the site does the rest. The video is created and shared on main social networks, you can also upload it to Youtube, or send a link to your friends via e-mail.

Receive Facebook updates via e-mail

Is Facebook blocked at work or school? Means you may be blocked half of your day. Still want to stay updated on what happens with your friends? The solution is NewsFeedEmail.
This service allows you to receive via e-mail all the news of your friends, just as if you’re reading the home page of your Facebook .
It’s free and intuitive, just launched and will help many. Register and try it

Receive notifications from a Fan Page

HyperAlerts is the service created especially for us, inform us by e-mail when there is a new comment / message on the page (or pages) that we’re interested! Instructions:

1. Sign up for the service (no need to enter the same email Facebook):
2. Click “+ Add new alert”
3.Enter the address (URL) of the page you want to monitor.
4. Set the frequency with which you want to receive notifications:

That’s it! From now on you will receive an email each time someone comments or post a new message on the Fan Page Wall!

See the friendship page

The Facebook friendship page is a function that allows you to discover what two specific users have shared and have in common. The page shows the number of friends in common, along with photos, messages on their walls, events in which the two people both attended together, and the pages (they both like).
Everything is shown in a stream in chronological order, just like a profile.

To display the page of friendship simply type the following URL:<ID Facebook 1>?and=<ID Facebook 2>   or<vanity url>?and=<vanity url>

Contacting Facebook

Have you ever had Facebook issues and unable to find a solution? Normally, the only option is to report the issue to Facebook. But it can be hard to find exactly the right way to contact Facebook.
Here is a list of links that can help make contacting Facebook a little easier.
It can be difficult to find the right link, the right way to report the problem. So here’s a nice list compiled by @ peterlang Blog Social Media Strategies .
News Feeds

Home Page
Disabled Account
Lost Content After Reactivated Account
Copyright Infringement

Register an address

Let’s see how to register the address
  1. First, if you have not already done so, you must register your usernameon Facebook by going to .
  2. Then visit and request an invitation to the new mail. When the request is accepted, you will get Facebook mail like 
A service that has only been offered for a short time now lets you create a backup of your profile and all information associated with it right from Facebook. It was introduced to allows you to download a copy on your computer:
  • of your profile information (such as contact information, the interest you have shown, groups you belong)
  • of Wall posts and content published on your profile that you and your friends
  • of pictures and videos you’ve uploaded to your account
  • the list of your friends
  • the notes you’ve created
  • events to which you answered
  • of your messages sent and received
  • comments made by you and your friends on Wall posts, photos and other content appearing on your profile
Let’s see how you can download this information. Just go to the settings page of your account and click on "more information" next to "Download your information". If you do not see the link, follow these instructions:
Facebook begins to make a copy of your data and will inform you via email when the process is completed. An excellent and important function!