Nokia Oro made by 18 carat Gold & Leather

The Nokia Oro (Oro means gold in italian) is a smartphone running on the dying Symbian Anna operating system. It has a 3.5 inch AMOLED touch display, a home key mad of sapphire crystal. The Oro comes with a special edition of the Nokia J Bluetooth headset also having a 18 carat gold plating. Two colours will be available. They are called Nokia Oro Light and Nokia Oro Dark. The backside of the phone has a leather wrapping to keep the cost down. From the press images, it seems like buyers of this phone also will be able to have a monochrome theme in real gold.

Nokia Oro has a GPS receiver and it will be shipped with Ovi Maps for car and pedestrian navigation. But those buying such expensive handset will probably not be flashing the device in public just to find quickest way to La Rambla street. Nokia allready owns Vertu. A manufacture of luxury mobile phones. The Nokia Oro brand will compete directly with the Vertu brand.