How to make SSH connection into iPhone

What is SSH?
SSH Secure Shell is a service connection which allows you to access, modify and make changes to your files and folders remotely.

How to ssh into your iPhone?
  • First of all you need to be connected to the network which you want to SSH into your iPhone remotely from. 
  • Know your iPhone ip-address, you can get your iPhone ip-address by going to Setting > Wi-Fi > Network you are connected to, my iPhone ip-address is
  • Secondly you need to have OpenSSH installed onto your iPhone device. OpenSSH can only be installed on jail-broken iPhones. Furthermore, if your have OpenSSH installed onto you iPhone, please follow steps given below for windows and linux and mac operating systems.

Windows SSH into iPhone Tutorial

01. Download and run Putty, it is a free telnet/ssh client made for windows. Putty can be downloaded from by clicking here.

Hostname : your-iphone-ip-address
Port : 22
Protocol : SSH

02. Click open.

03. Click yes if Putty Security Alert window apears.

Windows SSH example screenshot.

04. In the terminal for
Username - root
Password - alpine

Linux (Ubuntu) SSH into iPhone Tutorial

01. Open terminal

02. Type the following command

ssh root@your-iphone-ip-addressMy ip address is, so i typed

ssh root@ - iPhone OpenSSH default password is → alpine

Example Screenshot

Notes : iPhone default OpenSSH root password is alpine.