How to copy texts from a scanned image

Most of the time, we need to copy the text from scanned images but unable to do that. Then what we do, we start by typing the entire text word by word in reference to the image. But there are many ways to copy text from the image, using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Here are some of the best ways for you.

01 using websites

new ocr
free online ocr
free ocr
online ocr

02 using free software

Simple OCR

03 using Microsoft software

Microsoft Office OneNote
Microsoft Office Document Imaging

Let's look at one example of each category

» Go to this link

» Click Choose file and select image file

» Click the Send file to generate text

» After simply copy and paste your text.

FreeOCR Software

» Download from this site for free - paperfile

» After installation is complete, open FreeOCR software

» Click Open and select your image

» Click on the OCR to generate text

Microsoft Office OneNote

» Run Microsoft Office OneNote.

» Simply copy the image (any format either JPG, BMP, PNG, etc) and paste it into OneNote. Do not use Open with the image it gives error.

» Now select the whole image and right click on the page.

» Click Copy text from picture option