How to use facebook - Photo zoom

Facebook Photo Zoom is an Extension or Add-on for the Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. That makes it a lot easier to view a larger version of a photo posted on Facebook without having to click on the thumbnail. Moving the mouse over a photo on Facebook will display a larger version of the image in a tool-tip.
Photozoom is immediately active after installing the add-on or extension. It’s totally free.

Google Chrome 

» Open Google Chrome
» Go to this link

» Click Install 

» Open Facebook. Photozoom icon will appear near to Facebook Chat. You can on or off by simply clicking on the icon. The keyboard shortcut for toggle the function is CTRL + SHIFT + Z

Apple Safari

» Open Apple Safari Browser
» Go to this link
» Look for Photozoom under Social Network section

» Click Install
» Open Facebook and enjoy

Mozilla Firefox

» Open Mozilla Firefox
» Go to this link 

» Click Add to Firefox

» Click Install Now

» After Installation complete, click Restart Firefox
Open Facebook & Enjoy